Thanks for Lincoln everyone!


IMG_3645 (2)It’s been a few days since we all got back home, and I’ve been busy sorting things out and returning music to those who lent it to us.

We had a wonderful week at Lincoln, and to those of you who came for all of it, well done for staying the course, and for those who visited during the week, it was wonderful to meet so many old friends and to make new ones. All told, we had 44 people singing with us at some point during the week. I have yet to organise the videos and audio tracks that I collected, but when I do I will send links to the choir website, and for those of you who are members of Facebook, to there as well. We have enough I think for our audition for the 2020 event which we are currently thinking about.

The direction from Alex and Matthew was inspiring and we achieved good results. Richard’s playing for us over the week was masterly and inspiring. We are so lucky to have such superb professionals working with us and, as ever, we take away from it an experience and memory which is more than ‘just the music’. We say a fond goodbye to Matthew who has worked with us since 2002 as a musician and friend, but we may perhaps see him again now and then.

Alex Berry is now our ‘Principal Conductor’ and Richard Leach remains our ‘Principal Organist’; I am looking forward to our next outing – currently planned for next June 2/3 2018 at Bradford Cathedral. Then it’s 13/19 August 2018 (earlier than usual because of problems getting the usual last week). I know that some people find the last week tricky because of the start of school terms and returns to work so perhaps we will be able to welcome people who we haven’t seen for a while.

The Trustees of the choir (myself, Stephen, Christine and Molly) have decided to establish the ‘William Wingate Foundation’ fund from which we hope to offer ‘William Wingate scholarships’ as bursaries to young singers, and indeed others, who might otherwise find it difficult to join us for reasons of cost. If you have contacts and know people who could benefit and bring us fresh voices, especially in the upper parts, please pass this on. I will be making up a promotional web page about it as soon as I can. We don’t have any ready way to audition and so we have to rely on our members to recommend good clear and tuneful voices with the ability to sight-read to the standard we need. Singers must be over 18 as we don’t offer a ‘safeguarding’ facility for those under the age of majority. It might though be possible to have younger people if they are suitably accompanied.

Do keep an eye on the website for updates (there’s an RSS feed at which you can probably add to your email or other RSS reader system – or you can sign up for a utility such as to get updates them sent to your email account automatically).

Alex has drawn up a web-based ‘chooser’ on which people will be able to express their personal preference for future visits and I will do a separate email about that soon. It’s always good to have ideas from the choir about where they would like to sing next, though we do usually have 3/4 year lead time in which we have to book the popular weeks. 2019 will be at Truro, 2020 is as yet unbooked.

So once again, thank you for a marvellous week at Lincoln – it’s a fine place and it kept us fit.


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