We say goodbye to Matthew

odonovan-matthew-01Having been involved with The Cathedral Chamber Choir since 2002 – and our Musical Director since 2007, we said a sad farewell to Matthew O’Donovan on 27 August at Lincoln Cathedral. Matthew has worked with the choir on 26 occasions since 2002 either as organist or MD.

TCM1Matthew was presented with a copy of the Carnegie Trust’s Tudor church music. volume VIII, Thomas Tomkins, 1575(?)-1656, part I, services’ of 1928, suitably decorated with pictures of Matthew at work with his CCC friends over the years. OUP printed the volume and the series was funded by the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust which, in the 1920’s, provided the impetus for the revival of interest in 16C and 17C music in the English church. Until the OUP published this 10-volume Tudor Church Music series, between 1922 and 1929, little of this vocal repertoire was known. The Stile Antico choral group, of which Matthew is a founder member, is a major champion of the works from this period.

The book was duly inscribed with signatures and comments from those who have worked with Matthew over the years.

We wish Matthew well and hope to see him again now and then.



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