About the choir

When did we start?
The Cathedral Chamber Choir was founded by Martin Hall in 1979 as “The Martin Hall Singers” and was made up of friends, Choral Scholars, Lay Clerks, amateur, semi-professional and professional singers. This included singers from Oxford and Exeter Universities, and a few members of the founding group continue to sing.The first singing tour visited the West Country Cathedrals at Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford. The 2014 visit to Gloucester Cathedral took place in our 36th year, and we continue to look forward to an extensive programme of visits

The choir continues to grow. Each visit involves around 25-30 singers. In over 25 years, nearly 400 people from all backgrounds have sung with us – many for the first time in an English Cathedral. The number continues to grow year by year. Martin Hall, our founder, became ‘Director Emeritus’ in Autumn 2006 and Matthew O’ Donovan took over the post of Director in his stead.

Where does the choir come from…?
Choir members are based all over the country, and we come together only when we rehearse and sing at a Cathedral city. We do not belong to any particular geographical area or church denomination.

The choir started to sing under its present name in 1985 at Truro. We are a registered Educational charity (296212). As such, we can offer subsidies to some of our members, and provide a base for educating singers and organists in their own development and appreciation of the English Choral Tradition. We do try to assist singers and players who could not otherwise benefit from the visits. (We are actively seeking sponsors to help with bursaries for younger and unwaged members of the choir).

What is the reason for the Choir’s name…?
The intention behind our very simple name is to ensure that wherever we sing, we form a natural background to the musical and liturgical setting without drawing too much attention to ourselves as a group. It is after all the Cathedral and its worship that should be the focus for visitors and congregation – not the choir.

Which Cathedral is represented by your Logo…?
‘The Cathedral’ is just that – it’s an artistic amalgam of Gothic features – you might feel you recognise a very tall spire, or an extended West Front or a buttress – but it is completely made up from spare Cathedral parts by a graphic artist.

NB (Our former website is retained for reference at http://mct.open.ac.uk/CCCWebne.nsf – the remaining content will be migrated here over the next few weeks)


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