Registered Charity: 296212

The choir is actively seeking sponsorship and donations to meet the costs of buying music and paying younger members’ travelling and accommodation expenses.

Support has already been received from some charitable trusts. We want to be able to provide accommodation bursaries for younger singers when we visit a Cathedral for a week’s visit – usually in the Summer. Over recent years, the amounts charged by the places where we stay (we always try and stay in a college or hall environment) have been rising. Whilst the older members of the choir are well able to pay this, it does discourage younger singers – sometimes students or recently graduated, and also those singers who are unwaged.

Our ‘William Wingate Scholarships‘ are available to suitably qualified young and unwaged singers seeking to sing in a Cathedral with us.

It’s very easy for a choir to be inward looking, but we are continually welcoming young people – those on whom the future of the Cathedral Choral tradition depends – to join us. They bring freshness and life to the choir, and in turn are able to work for up to a week with others experienced in the skills of Cathedral singing and worship. Click for a link to list of places where we have sung as a choir 

The choir is a registered charity and can arrange to accept covenanted and other donations to support its activities.

The choir has been supported in the past by the John Paul Getty Charitable Trust, The Leche Trust, and the Foundation for Sport and the Arts.

If you are interested in making a charitable donation to assist our scholarship and bursary scheme (UK Registered Charity 296212), please do using our CAF donation page.

Email: admin@ccchoir.org.uk
Web: http://www.ccchoir.org.ukProviding Cathedral Services since 1979

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