Choral Links and Music Sources

Virtual Cathedral
List of All UK Cathedrals
Friends of  Cathedral Music
Association of English Cathedrals
The Prayer Book
The Book of Common Prayer
Common Worship
The Calendar
The Ecclesiastical Calendar
How to find Ash Wednesday and Easter
Find a choir
Gerontius Music Hire Database
Gerontius Concert Listings
Gerontius Forum
British Choirs on the Net
Concert Finder
UK Cathedral Music Links
Choral Net
Evensong and Liturgy
BBC Choral Evensong
Choral Evensong Web
Diocese of Wenchoster website
Government Agencies

The Charity Commission
Music Purchase/Hire Sources
Banks Music
Oxford University Press
Faber Music
Royal School of Church Music
St George’s Music Shop
Chameleon Music
Hymns A&M
Downloadable Music
Handlo Downloadable Editions of music
Duke University
StarChris Music Scores
Choral Public Domain Library
Petrucci Music Library
Cipoo downloadable music
The Cyber Hymnal
Complete works of Victoria
Michael Kravchuk
Library Sources
‘Encore’ Union Catalogue – all UK Public Libraries

Why not visit the Diocese of Wenchoster website before you go?

If you are interested in making a charitable donation to assist our scholarship and bursary scheme (UK Registered Charity 296212), please do using our CAF donation page.

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