2011 St David’s Cathedral

The choir visited St David’s Cathedral and be resident in South West Wales 22-28 August 2011.


Monday 22 Choir Rehearsal – The Court House St David’s.
Tuesday 23 Choral Evensong at St Peter’s Church Goodwick 6:00pm
(Postcode for SatNav: SA64 0EL)Thomas Morley – Responses
Herbert Murrill – Evening Canticles in E
William Harris – Bring us O Lord God
Psalms – 114, 115
Wednesday 24 Dumb Day
Thursday 25 Choral Evensong in St David’s Cathedral 6.00pmKenneth Leighton – Responses
Bryan Kelly – Evening Canticles in C
Richard Shephard – Ye choirs of new Jerusalem
Psalm – 55
Hymn – NEH 369
Friday 26 Choral Evensong in St David’s Cathedral 6.00pmThomas Morley – Responses
Thomas Tomkins – Fifth service
Maurice Duruflé – Ubi caritas
Psalm – 56
Hymn – NEH 406
Saturday 27 Concert at St Mary’s Church Cardigan 7.30pm
(Postcode for SatNav: SA43 1DW)Maurice Duruflé – Quatre motets
David Briggs – Messe pur Notre Dame
Sunday 28 Choral Services in St David’s Cathedral11.15am: EucharistDavid Briggs – Messe pour Notre Dame
William Byrd – Confirma hoc Deus
Psalm –  26 vv 1-8
Hymns –  NEH  436,  271,  4376:00pm: Choral Evensong
Kenneth Leighton – Responses
Herbert Howells – St Paul’s Service
Edward Elgar – The Spirit of the Lord
Psalm – 107 vv 1-32
Hymns – NEH 245, 499, 373 (T Coe Fen)

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