2017 Lincoln Cathedral

Monday 21st to Sunday 27th August, 2017

Come and join us…

We are looking forward to a week of joyful singing with old friends and new at Lincoln Cathedral. We are flexible – some people will sing for half the week – that’s Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Friday/Saturday/Sunday (Thursday is our day off for sightseeing and sociable activity).

Music and Directors

The music will be directed from Monday to Wednesday by Alex Berry(Director of Music at Bradford Cathedral), and from Friday to Sunday by Matthew O’Donovan(Head of Academic Music and Director of Lower Chapel Music at Eton College). Our Organist will be Richard Leach (Junior Fellow in piano accompaniment at the Royal Academy of Music and Organist of Ealing Abbey Choir).

(The choir in rehearsal with Alex Berry at Queens College Cambridge – April 2016)


Monday 21 August

5.30 Evensong
O’Donovan: Preces | Responses
Wood in Eb (No.2)
The King of love my shepherd is – Bairstow
Psalm: 31
Office Hymn: 3, NEH 388

Tuesday 22 August

5.30 Evensong
O’Donovan: Responses
Service on Plainsong Tones – Arthur Wills
In manus tuas – Sheppard
Psalms 32, 33
Office Hymn: 4, NEH 206

Wednesday 23 August

5.30 Evensong
O’Donovan: Responses
Jesus Service – Mathias
They that go down to the sea in ships – Sumsion
Psalm: 34
Office Hymn: 5, NEH 466

Friday 25 August

5.30 Evensong
Smith: Responses
Fourth Service – Batten
Remember not Lord our offences – Purcell
Psalm: 36
Office Hymn: 7, NEH 497

Saturday 26 August

5.30 Evensong
Smith: Responses
Stanford in A
How lovely are thy dwellings – Brahms
Psalm: 37 (vv 1-20)
Office Hymn: 1, NEH 377

Sunday 27 August

9.30 Eucharist
Messe Solonelle – Vierne
Lord Thou hast told us – Bax
Psalm 138
Hymns: NEH 272, 279, 467

11:15 Mattins
Smith: Responses
Te Deum in F – Ireland
Jubilate (chant)
Thou O God art praised in Sion – Malcolm Boyle
Psalm: 104 (vv 1-25)
Hymn: NEH 436

3:45 Evensong
Smith: Responses
Gloucester Service – Howells
Like as the Hart – Howells
Psalm: 95
Office Hymn: 2, NEH 486


Self-Catering accommodation is at Lincoln University’s Brayford Pool campus (LN6 7TS) There are 6 en suite single bedrooms in each apartment.  The rooms include bedding, towels and full use of kitchen equipment. The accommodation is at the foot of the hill. Local buses run regularly to the top of the hill and that there are several car parks near the cathedral. The cost is likely to be around £49 a night and there will be a daily (c £10) subscription which pays for the music scores and the accommodation and professional expenses of our directors and organists. Bursaries are available to those who might not otherwise be able to take part for financial reasons.


Song Room at Canterbury 2013

Do get in touch!

We are interested in hearing from singers (tenors especially) with good sight-reading skills and a good blendable choral tone. Like all of us, you’ll value singing in Cathedrals, enjoying and performing music old and new from the English Choral Tradition. The choir has been singing since 1979, so if it’s your ‘thing’ and you have a good voice and sight-reading ability, we’d love you to join us.


As mentioned above, Bursaries are available to those who might not otherwise be able to take part for financial reasons. Mention this if you contact us using the link below.

Let us know if you would like to join us

(We are also on Facebook – singers can join our closed group)

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