Joining the choir

How can I join the choir…?

IMG_2841aCathedrals expect high standards of singing from their own choirs and have a right to expect the same commitment to quality from visiting choirs. They represent to the Summer, or out of terms visitor, the musical traditions of the Cathedral or Abbey where they are currently singing.

New singers are expected to be very good sight-readers because complex choral music is often prepared and sung ‘on the day’. As we all come from different areas of the country, there is no opportunity to work on material before the visit. If you are not confident about this aspect, it is probably better to wait until you have had more experience of this type of singing before asking to join us.


We offer Scholarship Bursaries to singers who might not otherwise be able to take part for reasons of cost. Details of the William Wingate Scholarships are on a separate web page.

Prospective singers can contact us by email or by using the ‘Contact’ link above.

If you are interested in making a charitable donation to assist our scholarship and bursary scheme (UK Registered Charity 296212), please do using our CAF donation page.

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