Each year, we make awards at our annual week-long gathering to choir members who have shown special merit.

In 2019 at Truro these were the awards made:

  • Head Chorister 2019-20
    Kayleigh Mcgeoch 
    – for being utterly reliable and great to sing with.
  • Head choristers in previous years have been Kerstin Meir (2018-2019), Christine Elliott (2017-2018), Catherine Berry (2016-2017), Alison Clenaghan (2015-16), David Wheeler (2014-15), Claire Mudge (2013-14), Theodora Dickinson (2012-13), Virginia Knight (2011-12), Shelagh Carter (2010-11), Megan Crocker (2009-10), Jenny Ashworth (2008-09), Elizabeth Hargrave (2007-8), Jean James (2006-7), Claire Ellis (2005-6), Katie Barnes (2004-5), Becky Mynett (2003-4), Christine Stanley (2002-3), Karen Sheldon (2001-2002), Gillian Roddis (2000-2001) and Tessa Henderson (1999-2000)
  • The Cathedral Chamber Choir Annual Eraser 2019:
    Beatrix Swanson Scott – as a small consolation for having a bad throat infection on our final day and being unable to join us.
  • ‘Lighten our Darkness’ award 2019:
    Molly Corner
    – for going down far too many staircases at THFG (Girls First) and getting locked ‘in darkness drear seeking the one true light switch’.

Here are some of our members’ home pages and addresses on the Web:

If you are interested in making a charitable donation to assist our scholarship and bursary scheme (UK Registered Charity 296212), please do using our CAF donation page.

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