Each year, we make awards at our annual week-long gathering to choir members who have shown special merit.

In 2016 at Lichfield these were the awards made:

  • Head Chorister 2018-19:
    Kerston Meier 
    – ‘for lovely solo singing and joining us regularly from abroad whenever we meet’.
  • Head boys in previous years have been Christine Elliott (2017-2018), Catherine Berry (2016-2017), Alison Clenaghan (2015-16), David Wheeler (2014-15), Claire Mudge (2013-14), Theodora Dickinson (2012-13), Virginia Knight (2011-12), Shelagh Carter (2010-11), Megan Crocker (2009-10), Jenny Ashworth (2008-09), Elizabeth Hargrave (2007-8), Jean James (2006-7), Claire Ellis (2005-6), Katie Barnes (2004-5), Becky Mynett (2003-4), Christine Stanley (2002-3), Karen Sheldon (2001-2002), Gillian Roddis (2000-2001) and Tessa Henderson (1999-2000)
  • The Cathedral Chamber Choir Annual Eraser 2018:
    David Clover – for burning toast and setting off a fire alarm at the hall of residence.
  • ‘Lighten our Darkness’ award 2018:
    ‘No darkness nor dazzling, but one equal light’ – so not required in 2018.

Here are some of our members’ home pages and addresses on the Web:

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